Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today i go for a training at the Perak Badminton Academy hall,Jealpang.When i arrive,i take my heavy badminton bag down from the car and walk into the hall.I saw Nina standing at there when i step into the hall.She just back from Bukit Jalil and i so miss her.After that,we go out of the hall and run 1 round.After that,we saw ying ying's car turning in to the hall.Then we wait her to put her bag into the hall and come out again.We sit on the floor and 'king kai'. A few minutes later, Kah Mun and Waikin arrive.We run together when our coach are here,we run and tell joke, really have a lot of fun.We walk back to the hall after warming up.We have shuttle drill after that.After that,our coach call us to challenge everyone u want among the under 12 categories.I dont know y i had no mood to play today???We do some fizikals and runs lastly.

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