Monday, January 4, 2010

1st Day Of School

Around 1 pm i reached mgs(Methodist Girl School) , which is my new school,with my mum... First, My mum bring me to the office and ask for more informations. After that, I go to hut which all form 1 girls gathered at there, i cant even find my friend- Rae-Jean, coz its a lot of students at there. They started to lined up and walk to trinity hall to aranged the tables and chairs. after that we walked back to the hut. I take my bag and stand under a shady tree. Lastly, i saw Teh Sammy, my primary school friend. We chat,chat,chat... Just in a few minutes, a teacher come and arranged for us to go to the hall. Mrs.Lee gave us a speech . Then, she past the microphone to Puan.Yin which is the head of form 1... She seperate us into 8 different classes according to the name list. Im in the first class, 1 heron. I met a new friend that sit next to me, Wong Sze Yin. She's from Ho Seng Onn school. Erm...... We had a talk from Puan Rohaini after recess and is the last activity. I fdidnt think wrong, nothing to describe dy... Tats all for this new post...
------------------------------------Capture this after school------------------------------------

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