Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WHAT THE?!!!!!!!!

Today is the hari pelantikan for our kokurikulum-permainan. I want to be the pengerusi of the badminton club. 12:55PM we gathered at class 5S3. I sit behind Melissa Khor and aidatul sit beside me. First, the teacher,Puan Nantha ask:"Siapa pernah mewakili sekolah?" Then i put up my hand. I look around,is just only me. Teacher call me to come out. After that,they suggest some students. There are 4 students being suggest. They stand infront of all the students including me. We started to introduce ourselves,im the last one who introduce myself. We wait outside the class next,they start to vote for us. I was so nervous out there,hope that i can be the pengerusi. When i go in to the class again, i look at the white board. WHAT!!! I'm the naib pengerusi. But nevermind la,better than nothing. They pick setiausaha,bendahari and AJK lastly. Teacher gave us some announsment before we leave the class. I use a piece of paper to list down their attendence. Finally,we can leave the class and go back to our class.

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