Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ish!!! Wanna fall asleep during Sejarah class at school just now, soooo boring... Also don't know what teacher talking about, dunno wat... Parameswara, LOLX!!! We go home early today, actually is 6:30PM but was bring forward until 5:20PM. So boring sitting in da bus, no one to talk to. My frens(Sam Tet guys) not yet finish their school. Only MGS gals in da big big bus. Feel so quiet and sleepy in da bus because is really very very boring. After school, while waiting Angelica, me and Ainul played voleyball at the voleyball court. Wakakax... I heat the ball until very high, Ainul kenot get it. Woohoo!!! I get me KH test paper just now, i simply tembak also get 60. Not bad huh?!! Gonna study hard for the mid-year exam, wanna apply for PSS la...

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