Thursday, April 1, 2010

2nd leg circuit 2010

So sad.... So hard play ranking and get no.4 in perak but my coach told me that i cannot go circuit because budjet. LOLx~ What a stupid reason. Under 14 boys maximum is 6 people, he go and put 13 people; Girls maximum is 6 and he only put 1 for single and 2 pairs double. Argh!!! So not fair!! I'm so damn excited when i know i get n.4 in perak state but the results give me is i can't go to perlis. Ish!!! Didn't go perlis, cannot see my frens, cannot get experiance....... LOLx!!!!! Perak state sucks la... Try to compare with other states!!!!! Mr.ooi say that next year i will be partner rae-jean, okok la... not so bad also. Haiz... Gambateh from now la... No choice.... :(

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