Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hanging Out with Friends

8/5/2010~ woke up 9 something this morning and have my breakfast- Chee Cheong Fun. Around 12PM, i bath and get ready to go to Jusco to meet my friends there. Reach Jusco around 12:30PM, saw James and his friends(Tzu Hao, Choon Hao and Wai Yang) standing at there near Coffee Bean. Then i walk with them and had our lunch at johnny restaurant. So funny at there, we keep playing a fool with the waiter,wakakax~~ Siew May they all come and meet us there. They had their own lunch at don't know where la... After that, James plan to sing k. Then we walk to k-box lo. Room no.3 we use. I started to sing with the song bad romance, James and the others shouting at there ad backup me. They picked some stupid songs like 夜来香,omg!! Swt=.= Never mind, since i no need to pay so save it. Siew May they all come and find me then and sing with us. So funny. Hahax!!! Enjoy a lot at K-Box. Online,singing,playing games...... So fun!!!! We went to Capcom after singing k. Want to play the car race but the Malays play with that such a long time. Then I give up playing that. Then we went to another Capcom and take pictures. Woo~~ Like mad already lo... Play until hungry then we plan to go Sushi King have our meal. Me and Li Lian take some wasabi and eat, we keep saying nothing happen, don't know why?^^ And i take and smell it. Eww~~ So smelly, don't know how to describe the smell. James and his friends finish their meal so fast so they go to Imax and online those stuff. Me and Li Lian they all meet them at there. After that, we go our own way dy... Me and my gang of friends go to Black Queen and see some rings, I thinking of to purchase a ring, quite nice. But i save it. Need to save money. Mum called me around that time, and I walk downstairs to wait to go home. That's all for my hang out today. Quite fun la....

Singing solo~我们的爱

Singing with Li Lian

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