Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rainy Morning.

Woke up around 7 this morning
It's raining!!
I was wondering
how are we going to have our volleyball training
When I reach school
volleyball just go on as usual
Actually I wanted to go for badminton badly
coz tournament date is near
But I don't have a choice
I'm force to go for volleyball coz
the seniors are going to choose 3 juniors to represent
our school next year.
Hmmm.... I'm lazy to taip so many things
So, just skip the things that happened during
the volleyball training
The seniors chose
Lim Hoay Ying,
Sara Nash,
and an Indian girl (I don't know her name)
It's totally Satu Malaysia!
It seems like I don't have the chance to be in first team anymore~
The seniors call me to go fror selection again this Saturday
But I really cannot make it out
coz I really need to go for badminton.
maybe that's the end of my volleyball journey.
I'm saying goodbye to volleyball.
I wanted to be in the school team but I really can't

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