Thursday, December 30, 2010

Story About Penang Tournament

Went to Bukit Mertajam around 3.15pm and reach there around 5pm. Actually we're planning to go to the hall but all of us are tired so we went to Sunshine MOTEL to take some rest. The room sucks like hell, non of us like it! We're all lucky, get to change room with other people. The room are way more nicer than the previous one~ At night, we switch off the lights at 9 something but we sleep at around 12 something. Can't fall asleep~We successfully change our accommodation to a nicer hotel-My Hotel.
Woke up at 8.30am, went to OldTown with my friends,having breakfast there. My game is at 2.40pm, but I got to go to the hall at 11.15am coz the bus arrive hotel at that time. So, my first match, I was so nervous before the game start. But I won the game by walkover. I meant my opponent walkover, totally not me! Next round is at another day(29/12/2010).
Hmm... Played two match today-Single and Double. Single is at 9.20AM, opponent very strong, from Penang-Lim Jee Lynn. I've tried my very best to play the game, but I just get 22-30. Sad* After the match, I feel like going back to hotel to take some rest first then only I go back to the court coz my match is at 5PM. But no transport. So I'm force to stay at the court from 7 something in the morning till 7 something at night. It's 12 hours man!!! Gosh! Freaking tired~ Double I've won, qualify to semi finals. Very happy!!!!
Last day of tournament, my match is at 11.30AM, if I won, I would qualify to Finals. So I'm very nervous. I did so many mistakes during the game, feel sorry for my partner. Feel so sad, I lost the game. But never mind la, it's good that I can qualify to semi finals. Went back to hotel to bath, then had our lunch at a Japanese Restaurant. Go back to court after that. After prize giving ceremony, say bye-bye to Penang lu! Reach Ipoh around 10PM.

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