Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY and Valentine Day

14/1/2010-> Happy Valentine Day and Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!! Just go to desiree's house to have her birthday party. They play Nintendo Wii untill mad. They play the tennis,I look at they play, it seems like very fun,i can see that they enjoy a lot. Erm... i get a lot of angpau and CNY messages from my frens and relatives. After desiree's birthday party, i go to my grandma and my nanny's house. around 11:15, me and my brother are hungry so we plan to have our supper.
After i reach my house, i faster switch on the computer and check the B.A.M website for the coming junior circuit in Penang. I was very excited to look through the schudule. I cannot even find my name in the Under 14 Girls Singles draw. I cannot imagine Goh Sue Ki can go but i cant. I was wondering why......... Feel so sad, this is the 1st time i didnt participate in da 1st junior circuit.
But nevermind, i will train hard for the next tournament. I cannot let my couch pandang rendah of me... Haiz... Gambateh to myself. Wish me good luck!!!!!!!!!(^.^)

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