Friday, February 26, 2010

Party at Ms.Mak house

Around 8:15PM i reached Ms.Mak's house. We had a party at there, we were all invited by Ms.Mak last year. Hehex... Even Pei Yi that batch of students went too~ We enjoyed ourselves there,telling jokes,gossip,walking in the garden, more and more...... After that Yu Han start viewing the videos that we video last time,its really very funny,we laugh like hell.

This is the video capture by Koay Mun in the hotel(Graduation Trip)

Sot Plak Kah Hung and guai lui Yen Leng

We took at the garden beside Ms.Mak house

Best Friends =p

LOL! Who took this? So blur...

Oh!!! We look weird......

So happy!!!

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