Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mssd 2010

10 March 2010~ I represent my school took part in MSSD- Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah which is held at stadium. My first opponent is Nur Asilah from Raja Perempuan, easy game, defeat her with the score of 21-3 ; 21-1. My second opponent is Yu Haan Xi from Wesley High School, which is my friend that train with me at Lim Badminton Academy. I'm very nervous before the game start. My game is at 10:40AM but delayed until around 11:05AM . I walk in to the court anxiously with my racquets and my water bottle. First set, I can't say I'm that perfect but I can say I really tried my very best to defeat Haan Xi with the score os 21-11. I won the first set then come to the second set, I was already feeling tired , anyway still gotta continue the game. Badly, i lose this game with a very close score, 18-21. Its a LOL for me to play the third set. I'm getting excited because Haan Xi is leading so that i made a lot of mistakes. I started to realise that she caught my weakness already cause I'm getting more tired to hit those shuttles. Unlucky, i lose the third set with the very very close score,19-21. I throw my racquet on the floor and walk out the court with tears in my eyes. My friends advise me to try harder next time. Lastly, Kai Qi wants some pictures for her pholio, then all of our MGS school team girls walk to the court and capture some pictures as our memories.

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