Friday, November 19, 2010

Unexpected Results

Woots! Can't believe that finally I can go Partridge! When teacher announce my name : Theresa Tan 2 Partridge! I was shock at that moment! Can't believe it! I'm with my friends! Hmm... My friends that are in partridge next year not that much already, EeLin drop to Prinia. PohWai, Vanessa & Angeline stay in prinia. Left only SzeYuen & Hoey Yee. Further more, yesterday (18/11/2010) was my last day of school. Having sooo much fun with EeLin,Sze Yuen,Zi Shan,Sue Khay,Hoey Yee, E-Yen and more~ By the way, I'm waiting for next year! Holidays are way so boring. No friends ! No school ! No hanging out? Arghhh!!!! Gonna bored like hell soon~

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