Friday, November 12, 2010

Volleyball Today

Today's volleyball training was way so boring. Mr. Klamon, our coach, is wasting our time at talking about some boring topics. Make us very late only start training. Hmm... First, we start with some physical trainings. Our coach keep repeat and repeat the same thing for us to do. Well, i guess is not same, is almost the same. Doing all those physical training for about 30 minutes, non-stop! After that, all of us felt so tired and the seniors suggest to have a break and cross the road to buy something to eat or drink. He doesn't allow us to have a break. Then, we beg and beg and beg...... Finally, the coach allowed us to break only 20 minutes.Well, 20 minutes is better than nothing. After this short moment of break time, we started our training again. I guess not we, is the seniors team. Coach call junior team which means us, to sit aside. Then the seniors team played game. I pity wing yee had been kicked out from the game by coach for unknown reason. The coach call us to sit aside just want us to find out the mistakes that the seniors do. BlaBlaBla... Time past so fast, is already 11AM. Then coach stop the game and call us to gather together. He talk.. Talk.. Talk.. Talking non-stop!Me & Sabrina is like..... BORED! Then we hit each others backside. Oops! Coach noticed that already. Luckily Sabrina quickly say SORRY COACH. If not both of us would be punished to run 10 rounds. Haha... Thankx to Sabrina! XD Today's volleyball end at around 11:20AM.

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