Saturday, December 18, 2010

Perak Proton Open

Hmm... It's kinda of busy these days. Busy with Perak Proton Open, I didn't participate in it, maybe not qualified.. Hmm..... But I'm acting as a scoreboard operator. From 16/12~19/12, altogether 4 days. Get allowance at the last day. Wee =D

By the way, I'm happy that I took some pics with the national players. I saw Lee Chong Wei !! But he find a very good reason to declined me to take picture with him :''等我打完球先好 吗?'' Waa.... Such a good reason he have right.. Anyway, he didn't take picture with anyone also, I guess.

Too bad, I didn't take a single picture with Lee Chong Wei, even an autograph. =( But I took picture with my idols.... Many many idols!!! ^^

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