Thursday, December 2, 2010

SS Junior Tournament.

I'm so excited that tournament is coming. That's such a long time that I didn't participate in outstation tournaments. And now I have a chance to go to Klang for tournament. But it seems that this tournament is a NO GO~ Because of my coach, he said we will go there in one gang. That's why I register myself for the tournament. In a very last minute, he told us that we have no transport, and we need to arrange our own transport to go. I was shock at that moment. My partner is from Penang, how am I going to tell her that I can't show myself at that tournament. I feel so sad, so moody coz I have to walkover. I've think so many ways to go there, but it couldn't work. My mom disallow me to follow my friend's car. I cried in the car this morning, don't know why. My partner, Chuah Xin Er, advice me not to be sad. She say she will partner me next time. =) Maybe sooner? Or next year? I'm so scare that I will make her sad or angry coz the draw list for single don't have her name on it. I'm so afraid. But when she say she's okay. I feel better, much more better. But I'm still very upset

This is quite blurr.... Nevermind...

The website to check the draw.

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