Monday, April 25, 2011


Let's talk bout my badminton first.
I've check the list of qualifiers that qualify to GP Finals.
I was glad to see that my name is in the list.
I'm just the reserve for zon A.
But not the one who're playing in the court.
Both my singles and doubles are on the list.
Both are reserve too.
Sad lar~
Can't go....
But it's quite good that my name was on the list ady.. =)

I've participated 200M,4x100M and long jump for sports day.
While 400M & 800M not sure yet.
Victoria captain came and see me today.
She take me along to find teacher.
And what I know is my name is not on the list for 400M and 800M.
I was very scare that time.
Scare that I can't run.
Teacher gave me a very bad answer which I hate it.
She put another girl's name and my name is not on the list.
The girl is not that fast but teacher says she wants to try her.
I'm going to say bye-bye to both of my open events.
So freaking sad at that time until my tears fall from my eyes.
Teacher advice me to train harder and participate it next year.
What a 'great' advice she gave to me.
I was aiming for olahragawati for class C and now,
It turns to ZERO !!!
I want both of my open events back !!!! T.T

One of my friend,
he's freaking weak now.
So worried bout him anywayz.
He was told that if he didn't take care of himself carefully,
he will ''kena'' H1N1.
I was shock when I received this news.
I can't do nothing to help him.
Just hope that he will recover as fast as he could
and hope he won't leave us.
God Bless Him~

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