Thursday, June 2, 2011

One day before my birthday

WooHoo !
My birthday !!!
Few more hours !
*Freakin excited

Thankx EeLin & Vanessa for
accompany me to countdown for my birthday !
It's really appreciated ~
And my closest friend- Hoey Yee
Thankx for being the first one who purposely called me and say

Happy Birthday

to me !
Won't left out EeLin & Poh Wai too for being the second and third one to call me.
Really thankx you guys.
you guys gave me surprise !
you guys touched me .
You guys make me happy !
Thank you !
Love you all.
And for those who post on my wall wishing me
Happy Birthday,
thankx too.
It's appreciated .
It's around 4am in the morning now,
and I'm still awake facing the computer.
Can't sleep well these days.
Thats all I guess.

BYE =)

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