Saturday, April 21, 2012

Okay. I'm quite busy these days. Busy studying. Can you believe it? I'm studying! Hahaha. Mum confiscated my phone after school holidays. She said that I have no discipline, wants me to concentrate on my studies. I don't know how to describe the days when I'm without a phone. Every teenagers out there were holding a phone, walking around. But me? Huh. Looking at them holding a brandy phone and what I hold is some stupid stuff. Yeahh, I have no discipline at all. I'm LaLa. I'm naughty. I'm stubborn. So? This is me. :)
OwhhYeah! I found my phone. My parents hide it but I found it. /.\ But now she took it AGAIN. Totally fucked-up! Go! Take my phone. Even my tears fall, they are still useless. Ohh. Good. I can't concentrate anymore. Before that, he's always there, sooo long-winded calling me to go and study, wants me to accept his challenge and see who master the chapter well. OMG. He changed
me from lazy mood to study mood. And it was a good change, my friend said that, not me. :)
So whattodo now?! Concentrate on my studies? I will try it without my phone. But I know it's hard. :')
OwhYeahh, for the past few weeks, I did 2 birthday cards for my friends. Both are colourful. Love it. xD

Okay, so mum is calling me to off the computer and go to sleep. And now, I'm not going to sleep. Maybe study? L0l. :X

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