Friday, June 29, 2012

Hmm. Whether is so freaking hot these days. Hot until my pimples pop out from my face. Sadness. Drink more water peoples! If not will fall sick easily. :x

Okay, skip all those craps. Let's go to the main topic. Well, Sports Day is on Last Friday. I took part in the 4x100m event, acting as a 3rd runner. I don't want to be the last runner since I'm not the fastest among all. So, it's safe for me to be the 3rd one. (: Last year, green house got runners-up because it's ALL MY FAULT. I did a big mistake during the run. We're all disappointed and mummy lecture me until today. Hmm. Learn from mistakes, be better next time. For this year, Green House got Champion! Woots! We jump excitedly until my team's last runner and I cried because we're too happy. Finally, WE DID IT !

Ohh trophies and medals! I'm proud to say that you're mine! I love you! Gold for inter-house 4x100m. Silver for 200m while bronze for long jump. I'm not satisfied with my results seriously. There are no medals for cross-country run this year, they just give a stupid box-file as price. Waste my energy. Pheww.
Here are some pictures about my house-Victoria!

This year's overall champion falls to red house-Cavell again. Hope to get better results on the following years. :)

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