Friday, June 15, 2012

Alright. I'm officially 15 now. Birthday past 4 days ago. And I hang out with my friends to celebrate my birthday. 2 movies on the school holiday, Snow White & The Huntsman, Madagascar 3. Both movies was awesome. Okay, on the first hang out, I din't took pictures with all of my friends who hang with me that day. I just took picture with him. (:

On the second hang out, all boys. Unexpected. I don't know bout this at first, if not I won't go on that day. -,-

White t-shirt, Red long pants, Jusco here I come. :D

The guy behind there spoil the whole picture. If not it would be an awesome happy family picture. /o\

Receive presents from my friends. Love it. (:

There are Mango t-shirt from brother and sister. 2 birthday cards and a Hello Kitty Headphone from desk-mate. A Hello Kitty cup from my friend since I was Form 1. A cute pink coin-box from brother's friend. Keychain from best friend. Hello Kitty watch from mummy. And a white colour watch from him. (:

T-shirts bought before my birthday. Thanks to mummy. :)

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