Thursday, October 25, 2012

Days after PMR was way boring than the days before PMR . What I usually do at school nowadays was just sleep , gossip , running around the whole school , day-dreaming and etc . Activities after PMR , yeah , I won't join . I was chosen by my classmates to represent my class - 3 Partridge to participate in the most hot event among the form 3s' , Miss MGS . Well , the theme for this Miss MGS event were ''PolkaDots'' . I have lots of polka dots dress and accessories and etc . But I don't feel like participating in it due to I need to sing in front of the crowd . I will be fine when I sing in the toilet nor K-Box . But I know I will be shaking if I'm asked to sing in front of so many people . Those eyes , the eye contacts , are scary ! At last , I din't take part in this event . Whatever . :)
So , when can I shop crazily like I can buy whatever I want . HAHAHAHA . Vans is my new target . :)

Yes , this it is ! I want this so much ! The colours attracted me . As you see in the picture , there's so many colours . Owhh ! I'm lovin' it ! Come to me babeh !! xD

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