Sunday, March 31, 2013

BOOOOooooooo !!!! Holiday will be ending in an hour time . I'm not ready for school tomorrow !!! It's 1st of April tomorrow , April Fool right ? So no school right ? Hmmm .. That 'boy' , Happy Birthday to you . I might not be able to chat with you anymore until you find me , goodbye and all the best with your sports at KL . :D So , skip those nonsense , let's talk about my holiday . Spent my one week holiday with 2 days of tuitions and 3 days of hangouts .
On Tuesday , I've went out with my boy to celebrate our belated one year anniversary .

As you can see , there's 9 photos combined in it . The first and second row was taken during our BM tuition which is on Thursday while the last row of photos was taken on a lovely Tuesday with the love one during hangout . This stupid boy kneel infront of me and ask me : '' Would you marry me ? '' with a cute little smile on his face and wore me a transparent ring . Aaaaaw , such a cute you .  This is what you gave me huh for our first anniversary ? Hmm ... I appreciate that , very much , stupid . xD
p/s : Dear boy , why you look so reluctant to take a picture with me huh ? :@

Neeeeext , hangout with darling on Friday . One of my 'smart' darling spoilt our whole day plan . Good job ! Potong steam lar weyy ! Went out with darling Jo.Ann at about 4 in the afternoon . Girlz shopping , no boys allowed huh ! Then , we had high-tea at Starbucks while waiting for the other two buffaloes to come .

Ahh , ya , ya !! Spot the big muffin in the second photo ? That big muffin is Banana Chocolate-chip muffin . It costs on RM 6.20 which consider cheap in Starbucks , it's indescribable delicious !! Ordered JavaChip as usual , my favourite . Okay , I guess I've nothing to talk more . End here .
Goodnight world . School tomorrow . eeeww .

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