Sunday, April 28, 2013

DAY 2 . 

Rainy morning .
Morning call at 7:30am then we must be at the dining hall again for devotion . Devotion is a group discussion to discuss about a topic using the Bible . Devotion held for half an hour . We had breakfast after that , again , sing 'Prayer' before you eat ! Half an hour break again before session 2 . I was superb sleepy although I slept quite early the night before it . I was yawning and falling asleep during the session held by pastor Robert . I didn't even pay attention to a single word he said .
Next , there's outdoor activity in the afternoon .

The pictures above are all outdoor games . All the games above requires teamwork . If one fails , the whole team fail . So , teamwork is the most important among all . Tired but enjoyable . (: Furthermore , that's what I hate throughout the whole camp , drill - marching . All of us have to march for 2 and a half hours . It;s so tiring . There's no much time to rest on the second day . Praise and worship again at night . Then session . But in addition , we have high-praise .




Very fine morning . 
Morning call at 7:30am . Devotion again for the second topic . Gather at the dining hall at 9:30 for breakfast and closing ceremony . 

Took the very last group photo . Time past really fast and it's almost the end . All the campers wearing this year's camp t-shirt : Mission Impossible . Waiting to go to our next and last destination , Mid Valley Megamall for lunch and shopping . 

Dear Lord , we pray for a safe journey all the way home Lord . We thank You for giving us an enjoyable camp Lord . In Jesus name we pray , Amen . 

Group photo . GB Annual Camp'13 . Mission Impossible . :')

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