Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm going to continue with my previous post . Hmm . My friends threw a belated birthday bash for me . There's a total of two birthday parties for my birthday this year . Maybe it's not consider as a party , it's just a simple celebration I think . Nevermind , I'll still appreciate it deeply no-matter what . (:
On 5th of June night , which is Wednesday . My 3 classmates and I had a dinner in Shabu-Shabu steamboat restaurant . Just a normal dinner , but I enjoyed the dinner very much because it is full of laughter and we can't just stop laughing . Arguing over an overcooked noodle , quarreling for a fish ball , fighting for ice-cream ... It automatically brighten my day when I'm with them .

They surprised me with a Oreo Cheese cake when I was on the phone with my boyfriend . First time ever I received a cake from my friends . I feel so blessed . (:

On the next day , 6th of June . I woke up early in the morning to play badminton with my friends . It have been months I didn't touch my racquet . Feel the pain in my backbone again . :( After badminton , we went back to take a shower and then we have another plan , which is to go to Jusco Kbox to celebrate my birthday . This gang of friends were Tommy's friend , which is also my 'sons' . They called me 'mama' . Singing with them is crazy . When we're singing half way , Tommy went to toilet for quite a long time . His friends told me that he had a terrible stomachache and he need to poop . A few minutes later , a 'Happy Birthday' song played , and Tommy was holding a birthday cake walking towards me . My tears drop in a sudden , an unexplained feeling occurs . 

 A group photo of us before everyone leave . All boys , I'm the only girl . But nevermind , all of them treat me as a boy . Hmm . 

So , that's all for today I guess . (:

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